Anchor Handling

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All Delta Marine’s vessels are highly capable anchor handlers.The multicat form lends itself very well to the possibility of towage to site of customer’s equipment and then laying of mooring spread, all anchors, wires and cans can be stowed on the fore deck leaving aft clear for towing. This method reduces need for trans-shipment at sea and associated downtime.

With high buoyancy fwd, embedded anchors can be pulled out in a safer manner than with a conventional tug (submerged aft decks). With the propulsion and steering at opposite end from working area, the risk of propeller fouling/rudder damage is minimised. Also a high manoeuvring leverage force is created allowing the vessel to work in stronger tides than conventional vessels.

Delta Marine incorporates safety in all aspects of work. For anchor handling operations we have installed remote deck handling equipment; cranes, winches, shark jaws and guide pins. This means our deck crew need only approach the work site when it is safe to do so.