Voe Vanguard

20170503 Voe Vanguard YN571735_070

Voe Vanguard – DP2 Renewables Service Vessel

This vessel creates a niche market for workboats based on the successful Multicat® design.

Bespoke design type RSV3315 (Renewables Service Vessel) can undertake all duties normally expected of a Multicat® with the addition of clear deck space, DP2 and dedicated 4 point mooring.

Work scopes for the vessel include –

Cable Laying, PLGR, ROV support, Dive support, Heavy mooring system install, Mattress/Rock bag install, Tidal generator install, Towage/Salvage.

Bollard Pull ahead ±42ton
Bollard Pull astern ±42ton
Speed 10.5knots
Main Generators 2 x 2125kVA
Thrusters 2 x 480 bkW + 2 x 800 bkW
Dynamic Positioning System Kongsberg K-POS DP-21
Length 33.18m
Beam 14.50m
Draft 2.62m
Free deck space 300m2
Fuel 135.0m3
Freshwater 81.7m3
Cranes 1 x 15t @ 20m, Winch 10.8t
1 x 9t @ 21m, Winch 10.8t
AH/Towing winch 150t pull, 200t brake
Mooring spread 4 x 12t pull, 22t brake. 400m x 25mm
Shark Jaws 2 x Sets Triplex H-200t
Guide Pins 1 x Set Triplex S-115t
Stop Pins 2 x WK 400