Voe Earl

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Multipurpose Anchor-Handling Tug / Workboat

With 54t bollard pull, the Voe Earl is the world’s most powerful Multicat®.

Specifically designed for towing out heavy anchor wires in shallow water, she is equally suited for coastal towage and casualty assistance.

Dynamic Positioning enables the vessel to hold station with -1 metre accuracy allowing deployment of critical equipment and the support of ROVs etc.

Bollard Pull (certified) 54 ton
Speed 11 kts
Main Engines 3820 bhp
Thrusters 700 bhp
Length 26.25 m
Beam 13.00 m
Draft 3.50 m
Fuel 120 m³
Freshwater 70 m³
Cranes 2 x 200t/m Effer4S
(10.6 ton @ 16 m)
A/H Winch 100 ton pull
Tow Winch 50 ton pull
Tugger Winches 4 x 13 ton pull
Triplex Shark Jaws 200t swl
Triplex Guide Pins 65t swl
Towing Pins 50t swl
VE – Data sheet
VE – Crane load chart
VE – GA plan